We like to think that dance equals therapy.  Who cares if you move your hip the opposite way?  The person you just elbowed on your right is either laughing at their own lack of coordination, or they're genuinely awesome dancers who simply want to have a groove.
If you can throw away your inhibitions and let the dorky, annoying person you know you are out to party like it's 1999, then you're the kind of person we want to dance with.  
The best kind of dancing happens when no-one else is watching.  That's why we have a no camera policy*, avoid mirrors and don't allow anyone to sit in and watch our classes.
Shut Up & Dance is for everyone and anyone who is bored of exercising to look good.  We "exercise" to feel good.  We want to revolutionise the fitness industry, because burpees before bed is boring and fixed-term contracts are a thing of the past.  Commit to 6-week blocks, or pay as you go.  We won't ask questions.
Stop talking, start sweating and share your energy and good vibes with the rest of the world.
*For publicity purposes, we will occasionally require photographs, but it would never occur without permission and is normally restricted to before or after the class itself.