Just finished a full term in Grey Lynn and luuuurved it as a 48 year old unco woman.  Most fun with your clothes on!  A really joyful body bending 45 minute jiggle.
- Liz Lyons, Auckland Dancer
Thank you so much for the private booking last night – we had a fantastic time! The class was a great success. It was a really great way for the team to get together and bond and do something silly.
- Rebecca Waugh, Z Energy
I was first approached by Abby to try one of their classes. I tried to explain to her that day at cafe Pre-Fab that I REALLY couldn’t dance. “That’s the POINT” enthused Abby. After forcing myself along to one class, I was hooked.
- Lucy Reville, The Residents of Wellington
If you were to see a lifetime of Emma Clifton emotions represented on a line graph, the hour [I] spent at Shut Up and Dance was, frankly, peak joy.
- Emma Clifton, Womens Health Magazine 

We lovooooved it!!! Literally one of the best afternoons our team has ever had! Thanks so much!

- Lauren Shamy and the team at Star Now

You have no idea… Actually you probably do, to what a difference you have made in some of our lives.  For some of us, dance was life but we got old haha.  I am stoked to be a part of it again.

- Bex Ellis, Auckland Dancer

I did your Shut Up & Dance class tonight at Civic Square. It was freaking amazing!  Clair, you are funny as hell and totally have all the moves down like a pro!  It was like going to a comedy gig and a dance class at the same time. Thanks to you all for getting together and making this fun and brilliant concept a reality!

 - Penelope Forrest, Wellington

Just actually loved that so much tonight.  Got home. Four kids in bed. Did a performance for my husband and then four mini back up dancers showed up. Took me back to the 90's when all my friends and I did when we got together was make up dances. Thank you so much. Best fun and most sweaty workout I've had in flipping yonks.

- Emily Douglas, Christchurch